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November Updates                               11/3/13

Let's wish a happy birthday to these members this month!

JJ November 11

Diane Howard November 11

MyFearsRealized November 13

Adrain Beganovic November 15

Avery November 19

Music Feature of the Month                  10/27/13

Trying something new - Having a music feature at the end of each month to bring new hopeful music to your horizons!

About this song:
Hope of Morning by Icon For Hire
This song is all about living with the negativity of oneself and when one starts losing hope, to not let the darkness take control: to never give up or give in.

October Updates                                      10/1/13

Wish a Happy Birthday to this member!!

StayingStrong October 2

Suicide Prevention Month                         9/1/13

It's national suicide prevention month! September 10th is also suicide prevention day. Wear your oranges and yellows and draw those semi-colons on your wrists!

In case you don't know about the semi-colon project, you can go to their official website here!


You may have noticed that the poetry submission form is now gone. This is because we are encouraging you to use the beta member poetry page! Soon it will no longer be in beta mode and it will be the only thing you can use to upload poetry!


Let's wish a happy birthday to these members!

Hayley Veronica  September 2

Frances Morales September 9

Emilee Grimm September 9

Alex Michalski September 9

Mikkirae September 10

Caurine September 11

Anna~Blue September 18

Jeska September 20

Gauged64 September 21


Recovery Through Poetry's New Social Media

We now have a twitter and a blogspot!

twitter: @rcvrythrupoetry


 Our new side blog might be an easier solution to emails not be received or opened because they come from instead of

No more confusion! Just subscribe to our blogspot for the same exact updates that would normally be emailed to your account!

We have also added a new page called Words Over Blades thanks to Avery Lopez from the United States.


Remember, registering with Recovery Through Poetry is absolutely FREE and 100% easy!

News for August                                                               8/1/13

Within the next couple of weeks the new way to submit poetry is going to be the only way to submit poetry. Another page on that part of the site is Music that Helps You Through It! It's basically a page where you post the music that helps you through tough times whether it be triggering or not (just make sure to clearly note if it is triggering) So remember all you need to do is sign in with your Recovery Through Poetry Information and you'll be all set to upload your poetry and videos!


Let's wish these members a happy birthday!

Bubbles August 3

Nicolette August

Densu Mincar August 12

Out With the Old and In With the New                               7/15/13

As you may have noticed, the old social toolbar has been discarded and replaced with a new toolbar. The unfortunate thing about this new toolbar is that you must be logged in to Facebook in order to use any of the chat functions. Hopefully this will work until I figure out some other way to get a different toolbar that doesn't need Facebook.

Another update that has occurred is the beta version of Member Poetry. It's an easier way to upload and share your poetry. If it ends up working out, I will convert everything over the new Member Poetry.

All you need for this new way to share your poetry is your Recovery Through Poetry username and password. Use these to "sign in" and you'll instantly be connected to the new Member Poetry.

July Updates                                                                       7/10/13

Let's wish these members a Happy Birthday!

Abby July 1

Harlie<3 July 2

Mamaj July 8

Nathan July 11

Nathan French July 11

Rachelizabeth July 22

Mynightscapemary July 28



June Updates

Let's wish these members a Happy Birthday!

Jon June 9

LiveHopeLove June 11

Mental Health Awareness Month - May                                  5/1/13

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month!

This year's message, according to Mental Health America, is all about wellness.

Wellness is necessary for everyday life, staying healthy and getting to a healthy point in your life. If we don't take care of ourselves by the basics first, how can we help anyone else?


Some site updates include a new page added for schizophrenia

Wish a Happy Birthday to these members this month!

Ginger May 2

Babychick122 May 10

Laura May 11

Imjuliefish May 23

April Updates                                                                           4/1/13

 Let's wish a Happy Birthday to these members!

Aj_musiclove April 11

Lesdeuxanes  April 19

Self-Injury Awareness Day                                                         3/1/13

Here are some march updates!

March 1st is self-injury awareness day, so wear your orange ribbons or draw an orange butterfly on your arm to show your support for those who are struggling!



I did not make this picture, i think it belongs to: <-- this person.


Also let's wish these members a happy birthday!


Brandiekinsprincess       March 4

Cassie Butts                   March 21

xthispainisblissx              March 23

February Updates... Finally!                                                    2/27/13

First off, I'd like to apologize for the belated February updates! Some technical issues have been a problem this past month and hopefully those have all been solved (oh the wonders of modern-day technology). Not only have I not been able to update the homepage, but the forums were not updating themselves to let others know that someone else had posted. So thanks to those that let me know about the forums so I could start doing something about that!


Let's wish these members a Happy (belated) Birthday!

Ian "Ewan" Davis          February 14



"Start every day off with a smile. At least it's a good start."



Some January Updates                                         1/24/13

 As of January 17, 2013 Recovery Through Poetry has been around for... 2 whole years!

It hardly seems possible that so much time has gone by! The community has grown so much since the first days of the website being created. We have gone from 1 member [the founder] all the way to 58 members who have completed their profiles!

I invite you to print off any posters you like and hang them around your schools or neighborhoods (as permitted, of course) to spread the news of  this self-help community so we can reach as many people as we possibly can!

Here are a few posters you can print and post:







Let's wish these members a Happy Birthday!

Jbuddly      January 13

Jefferey     January 15

Jeremy      January 24


About The Site

We're here for anyone who is suffering or knows someone who is struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, self-injurious behaviors, and other mental illnesses. We provide depression support, mental health help, and much more.

About The Poetry                                              

Please make sure that before you read my poetry you read the "About The Poems" section first. This will probably answer questions if you have any, and feel free to email me or leave me your email so I can contact you if you have any questions.

I'm pretty open and willing to share, but respect that I have things that I would like the keep to myself.

More News And Updates?!

The older updates have been moved to a new page to make the homepage less cluttered.

Interested in the older stuff? Go right this way and read on!

Older Updates